FOP Blogs

Click on the links below to read stories, gain insights, and get inspired from a wide range of people living with FOP. 

A Little Bit of Life

Read Zoe's lifestyle blog that focusses on interiors and fashion, whilst also giving an insight as to how she adapts her life to work around her FOP.

All Things Beautifully Made

The twin sister to Zoe, Lucy chronicles her love for beauty, health, and lifestyle in this blog alongside her battle with FOP. 

FOP Ashley's Cure 

Friends with FOP

Read about the lives of Erin and Miranda who are growing up with FOP.

One Spirit, Two Skeletons

Read Jasmin's blog where she shares her thoughts, perspectives, fears, and dreams. 

Raina Shines

Read about Raina's story and join her on her FOP journey. 

Rare Mom

Read the personal blog from the perspective of a parent living with a rare child that is filled with happiness, sadness, and hope as the family navigate life with FOP. 

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