Hi, my name's Jasmine, I love to go to my performance arts class where I like to sing and dance. I also love to go swimming with my big sister, Sienna. I have to be careful when I’m out and about and wear a headband to protect me but I still like to go places and have fun with my family and friends. Last year, I went to Disneyland with my family which was amazing!

Jasmine was diagnosed with FOP at 19 months old.  The first flare up Jasmine had was on her head when she was 16-months-old. She then had other flare ups that came and went on her head which we where told were fatty lumps after a scan at our local hospital.

At 18 months old, she had a lump appearing on her neck so we had already had another appointment for a specialist we showed him the lump and he said we would need to wait for a MRI scan. Over the next week, this lump was getting bigger so I got another appointment. Jasmine was admitted on the ward to wait for a MRI scan.

After the scan, we were told that there was something making her bone grow on her skull and that it looked like a tumor on her neck. We were told to go to another hospital the next day where a biopsy would be arranged as it could be cancer. Over the next week we saw other specialists and two days before she was to have a biopsy she was diagnosed with fop.

Since then we knew every time she had a flare up a piece of bone would be left behind. Not long after she was diagnosed both her shoulders locked up and she has limited movement in her neck and back.

Jasmine is brilliant she has got such a funny little character, we love her so much.

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