Miranda Friz is a grade school student who lives with her mom, dad and older brother in Vancouver, Canada.  Miranda loves to play with her friends and draw pictures.  She also thinks it’s fun to play Wii ice hockey with her brother, and sometimes she wins!

As a result of FOP, Miranda’s back and neck are rigid, she has almost no shoulder movement and her elbows are also partially locked.  All of these restrictions happened within the first 18 months after Miranda’s FOP became active when she was 2 years of age.  Despite these limitations, Miranda is a very happy girl who leads a fun life.  Miranda doesn’t let much stop her…  She takes swimming lessons and piano lessons, plays softball, rides her adapted bike and enjoys being a Girl Guide.

Miranda’s mom, Karen, is involved with an FOP charity in Canada, the Canadian FOP Network.  The CFOPN proudly works with other FOP organizations to raise awareness of FOP and funds for research.  A cure or effective treatment for FOP would be a fantastic thing for Miranda, Oliver and everyone else with FOP!  We hope you’ll help us reach that goal.

Web site: www.friendswithfop.com

Date of Birth: 
Saturday, 15 January, 2005
April, 2007

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