LUMINA-1 Clinical Trial

Phase II

Pharmaceutical company, Regeneron, are recruiting UK FOP participants for Phase II of their LUMINA-1 clinical trial.

In June 2016, following on from the promising studies in mice, US biotechnology company, Regeneron, ran their Phase I clinical trial of anti-Activin A antibody (REGN2477) in humans. This study in healthy volunteers started in Belgium. Phase I is now complete and base on the findings, Regeneron began Phase II of the trial. 

This Phase II trial will investigate if the drug (REGN2477) can slow/stop bone growth in those who are living with FOP, and if the drug is well-tolerated (i.e. limited side effects, and correct dose amount).

Regeneron have announced two UK clinical trial sites (Manchester, and London) that are now recruiting approximately 40 individuals to take part in their 19-month trial. 

Click the attachment below to learn more about this study, including eligibility criteria and contact details for the two different UK sites.

Clinical Trial Overview
Study Drug Phase Duration Enrollment Age Method Dosing
LUMINA-1 REGN2477 Phase II


18 - 60-years-old

IV (Injection in the vein)

Once, every 4 weeks

For an in-depth overview, click here.

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