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House of Commons Parliamentary Debate for Research into FOP

Thanks to the support of our families, friends and supporters, we reached the required 100,000 signatures required to have a debate at the Houses of Parliament, London.  A full Commons debate was held on Thursday 7th September.   Chris and Oliver, along with Alex, Dave and Lexi Robins, attended the debate and went to Number 10 Downing Street to hand the petition over.

During the debate, FOP was explained to the House, along with the challenges and difficulties those living with FOP face.  The Rt. Hon. Sir Mike Penning, who brought the debate to the House, asked the government to fund further research into FOP.

The government set out its Rare Disease strategy. It thanked FOP Friends for bringing awareness of FOP to the House, and promised further meetings to discuss ways they can support research into FOP.

We are thankful to the Members of Parliament who stood up and spoke on behalf of their constituents, and also to everyone who played their own small part in making this a really big day for everyone affected by FOP in the UK.

You can watch the debate in full here:

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You can read FOP Friends’ petition here, and the Government’s initial response.

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