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There are lots of different charities and organisations which offer wishes and experiences to those living with a complex health need.

Please note that many of these charities will ask you if you have already received a Wish from another organisation. This is to ensure that funds are used fairly and that as many people as possible are able to be granted a magical experience.  You may want to think carefully about the timing of your application.  Spend some time researching what opportunities are on offer.

You are strongly advised to check the suitability of these organisations before you provide any personal, medical, or financial information.

Please note: these links are all external and provided in good faith.  We cannot take responsibility for any external content.

The Barrie Wells charity provides VIP experiences for seriously ill and disabled children through their Box4Kids initiative.

They work with clubs, companies and individual businesses across the UK, inviting children from local hospitals to watch their favourite sports team or concert from the comfort of an executive box.


Dreams Come True is a national Children’s Charity who exists to deliver dreams to children who have it tough.  

They are passionate about delivering moments of magic and having a lasting impact on those who might not even consider having a dream come true.  

The children they support are living in the highest areas of deprivation in the country, and are living with a disability, a serious illness, or a life-limiting condition


The Genie’s Wish is a UK registered charity whose mission is to enhance the lives of people aged 0-40 years, living in England and Wales, who are suffering from a critical or terminal illness or living with a life-limiting medical condition.

Their purpose is to bring respite and joy into the lives of our beneficiaries and their families, by providing them with a life-changing wish, experience, or ongoing opportunity. They also provide wish experiences, bespoke events, and activities for young carers, aged 5-16, in recognition of the bravery, kindness, and selflessness they display on a daily basis by caring for a family member.


Happy Days Charity works with local communities across the UK to provide vital respite breaks for individuals, families and groups who support children with a wide range of additional needs.

The young people we help range in age from 3 to 17. They offer help to those with learning difficulties, physical or mental disabilities, emotional challenges and those with acute, chronic or life limiting illnesses. Children with FOP are welcome to apply.

They will fund a range of activities including holidays and day trips for young people and their families and experiences such as sport activity days, art and music workshops.

The experience are means tested.  They will look at the household income excluding PIP/DLA, Carers Allowance and Child Benefit. All other income is counted as the household income and it cannot exceed £28,000 in order to qualify.


The Sandcastle Trust walks alongside families living with a rare genetic condition to help them build lasting positive family memories, strengthen their family relationships, and improve emotional wellbeing and resilience.

They do this through four Sandcastle Support Programmes: Sandcastle Memories, Sandcastle Smiles, Sandcastle Connections and our Sandcastle Support Hub.


Promise Dreams is a national charity that aims to make a real difference to children who are seriously or terminally ill.

Every child has a dream and whatever it may be, we aim to make it come true – whether it be to go on the holiday of a lifetime to make special memories and spend quality time with their loved ones, to meet their celebrity hero, to own a specially-adapted trike so they can join in on family bike rides, or to have essential specialist equipment installed in their home to make day to day life a little easier.

Any dream which will make life happier or simpler for a family in need is considered by our experienced, caring trustees who review every application we receive.