Welcome Faye!

Welcome Faye!

We are delighted to welcome Faye to FOP Friends!

Faye joined us in February this year, on placement from Manchester University.  Faye was a great fit for our charity and with her bubbly personality she quickly fitted in.  We are now delighted to welcome Faye as our office administrator.

We asked Faye to tell us a bit about herself…

Hi! I’m Faye, and I am super excited to be joining the team here at FOP Friends!
I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Manchester and first came across FOP Friends as a short placement opportunity through the university.

I was so grateful when FOP Friends generously took me on for my short work placement! I really admired FOP Friends’ values and goals and was glad I had the opportunity to contribute to their extremely worthwhile cause and do my part in supporting those living with FOP. It was an amazing and such an enjoyable experience working closely with Helen and seeing how much work goes on behind the scenes.

I already know from my short work placement that FOP Friends is an amazing environment to work in, with such a great team and community, so I am very excited forward to officially become a part of it!

I am from a small town in Ireland and decided to venture across the waters and come to university here at Manchester – and I am so glad I did! I love the city of Manchester– the people, the places, the culture. It was definitely a big change from the small-town environment I grew up in, but I welcomed the change and was excited to embrace the new lifestyle. I think the great thing about Manchester is that it has absolutely everything and anything you need – I have to say, I was very overwhelmed by the vast number of shops and restaurants just at my doorstep. At home, my closest Primark was an hour drive away! So I definitely appreciate the convenience Manchester offers.

I can definitely see myself staying in Manchester after I graduate. There are still so many parts of the city I have yet to explore (I had actually never even been to Sale before I started to work for FOP Friends!). I am very thankful for the opportunity to work for FOP Friends during my time here at Manchester and looking forward to what the future holds!